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Shanghai Jiufu New Material Technology Co., Ltd (formerly Shanghai long-Fu Building Materials Co. / Shanghai jiufu carbon fiber material Co., Ltd.) is located in the state-level development zones - Shanghai Lujiazui Finance & Trade Zone, separated by a river and the Bund in Puxi; is a professional agent of imported carbon fiber material, and production processing of carbon fiber, carbon fiber, carbon fiber chopped emerging science and technology enterprises. Our products are widely used in construction reinforcement, sporting goods, automotive components, wind turbine blades, boat hulls, aerospace, model toys, military industry, machinery and equipment, and other fields. The company also made according to customer requirements and design a variety of products.

The Company is engaged in nearly a decade of carbon fiber industry, and old customers in domestic and foreign, in east China is the most professional imported carbon fiber suppliers, committed to import carbon fiber quality assurance to provide reasonable price, adequate conventional models supply; import Toray carbon fiber materials are: Japan, East Korea Carbon Fiber Sheet UT70-30 (300g / m2), UT70-20 (200g / m2), 1K Toray Carbon Fiber Cloth, 3K Toray Carbon Fiber Cloth, T300-3K, T700SC-12K, T700SC-24K, T800HB-6K , T800HB-12K, M series of high modulus.